First Day (9 May 2023)

10:00 In Oratorium Marianum (University of Wroclaw)

Welcome address and opening ceremony:

Initial speech of The Honorable Committee:

Rector of University of Wroclaw – Robert Olkiewicz

Rector of Maria Curie-Sklodowska University – Radosław Dobrowolski

Concert of Academic Choir

Trip through the Main University Building

Organ concert performed by the former Rector of University of Wroclaw – Adam Jezierski 


Coffee Break


Unveiling of a memorial plaque dedicated to Stan Hałas and presentation of Laboratory of Isotope Geology and Geoecology



Poster session – Institute of Geological Sciences - Library

Ice-breaking dinner

An evening with memorial of Stan Halas

Days 2nd and 3rd (In Ossoliński National Institute) 10 – 11 May 2023

Sessions: The elements – short introduction MOJ

1.    Earth - research of solids

2.    Water - liquids and their contents

3.    Wind – air and gases research

4.    Ether and Heaven - unpredictable, unconventional, ideas – invisible but valuable,

5.     Fire and Hell - phenomena at high temperatures and pressures

6.    Energy and waves - from politics and economy to thermodynamics

7.    Time - phenomena in time

8.    Space - phenomena in space

9.    Hunger - food chains, circulation of matter and energy in living nature

10.  Mór (plague, epidemic – apparently no relevant English expression) - microbial processes

11.  War - analogies in nature – raw materials,  conflicts, fights, money,

12.  Nothing - phenomena in a vacuum

13.  Everything - say what you want on your own responsibility

14. The end is the beginning - summary = planning + and execution

 Banquet and musial surprise – 2nd day.